Terms and Abbreviations Guide

As many people may know, the world of natural living comes with a lot of terms and abbreviations that are sometimes hard to follow. Even for me. Many of those terms and abbreviations will be used on this blog frequently. This is guide for many of the terms and abbreviations you may find in this blog.


  • Home Birth
    Home birth is when you… birth at home! Self explanatory, right? 😛 When someone says home birth, it usually means a birth attended by atleast one homebirth midwife, as opposed to an unassisted birth (See below)
  • Unassisted Birth
    An Unassisted Birth is when the mother will labor and birth her baby at her home, without the assistance of a midwife.
  • Home Birth Midwife
    A Home Birth Midwife is a midwife who attends a home birth. These include Certified Nurse Midwives and Direct Entry Midwives. They will take care of the woman’s maternal care as well as being the “medical attendant” of the home birth. Most midwives also visit the mother atleast twice postpartum.
  • Doula
    A professional labor coach. Doulas often assist women not only during her labor and birth, but before and after as well. They will assist women in making important decisions on their birth as well as pain management. After the birth (some) doulas will assist with household duties and the baby for a certain period of time, doing tasks that can vary from breastfeeding assistance to grocery shopping to assisting with other children and household cleaning and cooking. Doulas can be certified or uncertified.


  • C/S or CS or C-Sec or C-Section
    Cesarean Secton. The act of surgically removing the baby from the uterus as opposed to vaginal birth.
  • VBAC
    Vaginal Birth After Ceserean. Having a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean birth. Can also have numbers in it for the amount of previous c-sections, such as “VBA3C” which would be a vaginal birth after three previous c-sections.
  • HBAC
    Home Birth After Cesarean. Having a home, vaginal birth after a previous cesarean birth. Like the VBAC, it can also have a number for the amount of previous c-sections before the HBAC.
  • UBAC
    Unassisted Birth After Ceserean. Having an unassisted birth after a previous cesarean birth. Like VBAC and HBAC, it can have a number for the amount of previous c-sections before the UBAC.
  • EDD
    Estimated Due Date
  • BF
  • EBF
    Exclusive Breast Feeding. This is when a mother is ONLY giving her baby breastmilk and not supplementing with anything.
  • Vax

More to be added as I think of them.. Suggestions? Please let me know 🙂


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